Welcome to LaunchPods!

LaunchPods, a Durham-based education pod, serves Durham Public School (DPS) teens looking for an in-person learning hub. We provide a safe, enriching community for small groups of 6 to 7 students.

We work alongside DPS teachers and virtual learning platforms to assist students in the transition to remote learning. So you, the parent, can rest assured that your student gets accountability in their classes and an educational experience that works for them.

Safety of students and staff are a top priority. We adhere to the most current CDC regulations and additional safety guidelines addressing Covid-19 prevention.

Virtual learning presents a significant challenge for college students, let alone K-12 students. We understand the struggle your teen feels to actually learn online via a computer screen for 7 hours a day all year long. We give your teen the social connection, supervision, and in-person learning environment you want for them. We created LaunchPods with your students’ success in mind, during these times.
Education & Support
We provide a safe, distraction-free space for DPS students to attend their live online classes and support students in adapting to virtual learning. We reinforce course material taught by DPS faculty through community learning, supplementary instruction, and in-person tutoring. Time for study hall, individual learning, test prep, and homework sessions are built into the weekly schedule.
LaunchPods intentionally provides emotional and mental support through a community learning approach. DPS students have the opportunity to learn by teaching and supporting each other. Extensive research directly links social support with mental health and emotional wellbeing. We foster your teen’s development of social skills with specific activities and group exercises. In addition, we facilitate the use of free mental health resources that DPS provides this year.
Teacher Relations
LaunchPods collaborates with DPS instructors for a coordinated approach to your student’s successful transition to online study. Tutoring directly from teachers and utilization of office hours are built into the daily schedule. As a parent or guardian, expect direct involvement through email communication — as necessary — with our LaunchPod facilitators and your child’s teachers.
Life Skills and Personal Development
As a vital component of your teen’s success, we incorporate daily personal development and life skill opportunities. With the attitude of empowering young adults to grow into responsible, grounded people who create purposeful lives, we approach your teens respectfully and kindly. After classes, we invest 30 minutes each day with focused themes such as, the law of attraction, the power positive thinking and goal-setting. We aim to help students discover who they are, learn to love themselves, and build self-confidence.
LaunchPods facilitates connection with nature through short, daily walks and designated outdoor learning sessions. Research shows both physical activity and outdoor time strongly correlate with increased cognitive function, increased self-esteem, and decreased stress. Additionally, extensive studies reveal that experiential learning and a variety of educational environments support growing minds, knowledge retention, and personal confidence.
Flex Learning Modules
LaunchPods takes pride in offering additional exposure and opportunity to your DPS student through our Flex Learning Modules. During these time blocks, we explore useful skills, such as Web Design & Web Development. We will also have modules for ACT/SAT prep, college research and prep, and various career modules based on students’ interests and passions.

How it works

LaunchPods is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm on school days. Each weekday morning, you will drop off your child at our facility between 8am and 9am, before live online sessions begin. You will pick up your child between 5pm and 6pm. 

During the day, students will adhere to the DPS schedule. During flex hours, asynchronous learning days, and certain hours on Fridays, students will have the opportunity to participate in our educational activities, such as community learning and flex learning modules. 

At this time transportation and lunch are not provided, but we are working to secure reduced lunch delivery to our facility.

Jordan High School in Durham Public Schools and LaunchPods Schedule
  • Drop Off: 8am – 9am     
  • Pick Up: 5pm – 6pm
  • ACT/SAT prep, web design/development, and other flex learning modules available on Wednesdays and fridays
  • Flex Hour activities may include: reinforcement instruction, community learning, tutoring, study hall, homework sessions, nature walks, or personal development
  • Life Skills and Personal Development lessons occur daily for 30 minutes
  • Students have free time each day
  • Half day options available based on demand
Britni Jones
Britni Jones
Pod Leader

B.S. in Civil Engineering, M.A. in Management
Professional and Personal Tutoring Experience
5+ years experience working in remote environments
Oldest of five siblings, youngest currently at JHS
North Carolina State University and Wake Forest University Graduate

Katie 2 - Edited (1)
Katie Baird
Pod Leader

B.S. in Health and Wellness
Homeschool (K-9) and Traditional (10-12) Education
Professional Tutoring Experience
7 years experience as a successful business owner
Middle Child of 9!
University of North Carolina at Asheville Graduate


Our heavily discounted rate includes all day access to LaunchPods. Our program provides rigorous academic support, college prep, life skills and various workshops working with creatives, entrepreneurs and leaders in our community. Your enrollment allows our pods to remain small and SAFE throughout the school year.